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Category: On Solid Ground

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Vineyard, WSU scientists team up to battle new virus threat

Something in the soil was destroying grapevines. Naidu Rayapati was determined to find out what.

Youth get hands-on lessons in biofuels, food engineering, robotics

Graduate students from CAHNRS’ Department of Biological Systems Engineering brought their research to life for students at Lincoln Middle School in Pullman. In three 2016…

Researchers feed, breed, protect bees to survive winter

Winter is a tough time for the world’s most important pollinator

On Solid Ground – February 2015

Nature appeal, tree fruit website, apple testing video, genetic mapping, forestry major, new farmer grants, Women in Ag Conference

On Solid Ground – January 2015

Robotic orchard, soil testing, avian flu, market value, and product development

On Solid Ground – December 2014

Christmas trees, dryland wheat, stink bugs, biofuels, and foresters

WSU’s On Solid Ground: Plant Mutations, Food Labels, Rebuilding Soil, and Bioenergy Workforce

November 2014 Center helps scientists measure light to find mutations Plants use light during photosynthesis. But they also give off light, though in amounts so…

WSU’s On Solid Ground: An apple a day, Big Data, Potato Crops, Cereal Grain Defense, Poplar Products

October 2014 An apple a day could keep obesity away WSU scientists have concluded that non digestible compounds in Granny Smith apples may help prevent…

WSU’s On Solid Ground: Cattle and prairies, nematodes, soil quality, grape harvest

Cattle could protect butterflies, conserve prairies Butterflies, cattle and the military may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but for native prairies—some of the most threatened habitats in…

Bark beetles, Global teamwork, Forests at risk, Leadership

New bark beetle threatens Washington forests Five years ago, when entomologist Todd Murray received a call from a landowner in Underwood whose ponderosa pine trees…
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