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Can mushrooms save the honey bee?

Posted by | February 16, 2015
2015-01-18 18.00.23
Mycologist Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti. Photo by Sylvia Kantor, WSU.
WSU entomologist Steve Sheppard. Courtesy WSU Media Services.

Paul Stamets has had a life-long love affair with mushrooms, one that goes well beyond their culinary and psychedelic qualities. Wearing his signature hat — made from mushrooms — a turtle pendant and, always, a blue scarf, the nearly 60 year-old mycologist runs Fungi Perfecti, a family-owned farm and business in Shelton, Washington.

Early last year, Stamets asked Washington State University entomologist Steve Sheppard to help confirm his hunches about bees and fungi. The two have since joined forces to explore the connections that, as far as they know, no one has ever made before. This unlikely pairing of entomology and mycology could lead to less toxic and more effective ways to control the diseases and pests that are implicated in winter hive losses and colony collapse disorder. Read the full story at