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CAHNRS Talk Tuesday: Megan Gould

Posted by Scott Weybright | April 2, 2019

Each week, we showcase one of our CAHNRS Ambassadors, a student leadership organization that encourages students to pursue higher education and serves as a liaison between the college and the greater community. This week, we’re featuring Megan Gould, a sophomore from Toutle, Wash.Graphic of student's interests with a formal portrait photo.

What are you studying?

I’m majoring in Agriculture and Food Security and Political Science.

Favorite Show/Movie:

How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Cougar Tradition:

My absolute favorite cougar tradition is singing “Back Home” after the first quarter of the home cougar football games. It’s incredible to hear 35,000 people all singing one song as a montage of cougar football footage plays on the screen. I remember my first time hearing it when I immediately got goosebumps and the feeling of community overwhelmed me. It was absolutely incredible; there’s nothing else like it.

Favorite CAHNRS Commodity:

My favorite commodity has to be the plants that the horticulture club sells for Mom’s and Dad’s weekend. Students put so much hard work into making these beautiful flowers and succulents and really show off the talent that our students have to offer. Beautiful and affordable, the horticulture club makes them very cost efficient. The plants really bring a light to the University for those weekends and thereafter as they continue to bloom.

Why be a CAHNRS Coug?

I love being a CAHNRS Coug because the opportunities are unmatched. I have had so many opportunities in this amazing college. Everyone in the college wants you to succeed in life, and that kind of support makes going through the program that much better. The connections I have made with my professors has opened countless doors for my future. As a CAHNRS Coug, I have had the opportunity to TA, and become an ambassador, as well as develop my own undergraduate research. Between endless opportunities and incredibly supportive staff within CAHNRS, I know that I have been inspired to be the best I can when graduation comes. I would not be the person I am today without the opportunities I’ve had in CAHNRS.

Best Student Experience:

The best student experience I’ve had so far was the opportunity to intern for S-3 Public Affairs this summer in Washington DC. Through the knowledge I have gained through CAHNRS, I had the opportunity to follow the Farm Bill and Agriculture Appropriations Bill through the legislative process. My experience at WSU prepared me so well that I was able to really apply the knowledge into the field and build my connections so that I can be successful in the future. I owe all of that to the professors and amazing classes I’ve taken within the college.

CAHNRS Taught Me:

CAHNRS has prepared me in a lot of ways, I think the one that stands out the most though is the professional development and networking. The CAHNRS college is so well known and respected that talking to industry professionals is a breeze. The network of Cougar alumni that are in the agricultural industry have helped increase my knowledge and grow my professional network so that when I graduate, I will be successful in my career. I’ve had the opportunity to attend countless career fairs and professional development conferences which have helped to develop my professional skills. That kind of professional support has made me feel extremely prepared for the future, and I owe that feeling to CAHNRS.