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CAHNRS Talk Tuesday: Colm Allan

Posted by scott.weybright | October 2, 2018

Each week, we showcase one of our CAHNRS Ambassadors, a student leadership organization that encourages students to pursue higher education and serves as a liaison between the college and the greater community. This week, we’re featuring Colm Allan, a senior from Sonora, Calif.

What are you studying?

I’m majoring in Agricultural Technology & Production Management.

Favorite Show/Movie:

The Office

Favorite Cougar Tradition:

Not so much of a tradition, but rather a statement. A statement that is known and said with such pride around the world: “GO COUGS.” It has become not only a statement to me, but a part of who I am that won’t change regardless of how far I go from Pullman and the WSU campus. No matter where I am, from Pullman to North Carolina, if I am wearing any kind of Coug gear, I am bound to get a “GO COUGS”, to which I give a resounding “GO COUGS” back. More than a statement; a way of life and a commitment to excellence.

Favorite CAHNRS Commodity:

My favorite CAHNRS Commodity would have to be the Cosmic Crisp® apple. The Cosmic Crisp represents something much more than a delicious apple; it is a commitment to excellence that WSU has. The development of this incredible commodity not only demonstrates all our scientific and technological accomplishments thus far, but also provides a milestone to where we are heading in the future. Others may see this apple and see just a good snack. I see the Cosmic Crisp and feel a sense of pride in being a CAHNRS Coug.

Why be a CAHNRS Coug?

Being a CAHNRS Coug encompasses a multitude of qualities that cannot be found anywhere else. Legacy, opportunity, and family are only a few characteristics that CAHNRS provides as we continue to prepare students to be ‘Job Ready Day 1.’ The future can be a very intimidating thing to many students. CAHNRS works tirelessly to alleviate some of that fear to prepare students to the best of their abilities. CAHNRS Cougs exit college with the necessary skills to be successful and are backed by a network that spans across the industry.

Best Student Experience:

My student experience being a CAHNRS Coug has been shaped by the friendships that I have made along the way. Being an out of state student, I came to college knowing no one. Washington was just another state full of people that I didn’t know and that didn’t know anything about me. Now, through my involvement in CAHNRS, I have friends not only across the state, but across the nation as well. Thanks to CAHNRS, I have been able to create meaningful connections that will last for the rest of my life; truly finding a family within the college.

CAHNRS Taught Me:

They tell us that the world after college is a competition for careers; for this we must be fully prepared and educated to succeed. From the hands-on learning that I have received in my AgTM and Crop Science courses, to the professional development opportunities such as Agriculture Future of America, I am now equipped with the essential tools and network to be successful in the industry. The competition may be tough, but CAHNRS has fully prepared me to compete and succeed.