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CAHNRS News – December 14, 2012

Posted by | December 14, 2012

Length of Service Awardees

President Floyd recognized the 2012 Length of Service Awardees yesterday at the Employee Recognition Reception. CAHNRS and Extension had many individuals recognized for their milestone lengths of service at Washington State University. We would like to personally congratulate those in our area that have been with the university for more than 30 years. What an accomplishment!

  • Ken Casavant, School of Economic Sciences – 45 years
  • Betty Musick, Horticulture – 45 years
  • Becky Priebe, CAHNRS & WSU Extension Business and Finance Office – 40 years
  • Karen Weller, School of Food Science – 40 years
  • Tim Smith, WSU County Extension – 40 years
  • Ron Mittelhammer, School of Economic Sciences – 35 years
  • Jim Kropf, WSU Extension – 35 years
  • James Freed, WSU County Extension – 35 years
  • Juan Alonso, WSU Mount Vernon NWREC – 35 years
  • John Steinbock, WSU Prosser IAREC – 35 years
  • John Wilson, WSU Prosser IAREC – 35 years
  • Ed Mitchell, WSU Wenatchee TFREC – 35 years
  • Tom Okita, Institute of Biological Chemistry – 30 years
  • Michael Costello, School of Food Science – 30 years
  • Debra Marsh, Johnson Hall Graduate Center – 30 years
  • Kathleen Duncan, WSU Extension – 30 years
  • Rob McDaniel, WSU Extension – 30 years
  • Lynn Mills, WSU Prosser IAREC – 30 years
  • Guy Reisenauer, WSU Prosser IAREC – 30 years
  • Randy Roehl, WSU Puyallup REC – 30 years

CAHNRS & WSU Extension Holiday Gathering

Dan Bernardo would like to thank you for joining him at the CAHNRS and Extension Holiday Gathering yesterday evening. We had a wonderful turnout with abundant holiday cheer. There aren’t many chances for everyone in the CAHNRS family to gather, from emeritus and active faculty, through graduate and undergraduate students, down to the infant children of some guests. A tasty spread of food nourished all, while Kim Kidwell, Don Holbrook and Pete Jacoby served Northwest beers and Washington wine to the crowd. About a dozen lucky guests had their names pulled for holiday items. Don Pierce and Tim Murray, for example, went home with honey donated by the Entomology department, while Cameron Peace and Ellen Johnston won WSU t-shirts.

As you all know, the true focus of our annual gathering is giving, especially to those in need in our own communities. Thank you to all who contributed goods for our local food banks. If you couldn’t attend, there is still time to contribute to the…

…CAHNRS and WSU Extension Food Drive

You can still donate to our annual food drive through Tuesday, Dec 18. Bring canned and nonperishable food, toiletries or paper products for area food banks to 421 Hulbert Hall. Dan and Pam Bernardo will match your donation pound for pound. Last year CAHNRS and WSU Extension delivered over 2,600 pounds of goods to food banks in our communities, and we’d love to break that record.

Happy Birthday, CSANR!

The WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources celebrated 20 years of science in action last week. The January issue of Green Times will include a full wrap-up story but in the mean time, check out this short video outlining past accomplishments and future challenges:

Another Mystery Scientist

Who is this scientist? What is he doing? And what are the gauges in front of him? What liquid is in the bottles on the shelf? And is it 8:40 a.m. or p.m.?

WSU CAHNRS is seeking your help in cataloging its photo archive. To help us identify the contents of this and many more images, please see

As Seen at CAHNRS:  Video Happenings around the College

  • He sings, he plays guitar, he teaches molecular genetics: Catch Michael Neff, Director of the Molecular Plant Sciences Graduate Program, doing all three at once, as he performs 1-800-DNA.
  • Moths don’t sing, but they taught graduate student Teah Smith quite a bit as they flew in circles. We’ve added the musical background: Insect Flight Mills.

Crabapple ‘Puget Spice’ named and released by WSU

On Nov. 27 the Horticulture Cultivar Release Committee announced the official naming and release of the crabapple ‘Puget Spice’ from Carol Miles (WSU faculty), G.A. Moulton (WSU staff), R.A. Norton (WSU Professor Emeritus) and J. King (WSU staff). The crabapple is a cross of the apple varieties ‘Alkmene’ and ‘Prima’ made at WSU Mount Vernon NWREC in 1990 by Norton and Moulton, and tested as “WSU AxP crabapple.” Trees of ‘Puget Spice’ are highly resistant to scab and mildew, with profuse white single flowers in mid-April, and small (1 to 1.375 in. diameter) edible fruit, orange-red in color, particularly suited for culinary use (spiced apples, apple jelly) and for both hard and sweet cider blending. Potential uses are as a landscape ornamental-edible, and in home and commercial cider making. Budwood of ‘WSU AxP’ is available from Carol Miles, WSU Mount Vernon NWREC.


WSU Tukey Horticulture Orchard Fruit Sales
Fridays, 12 Noon – 6 p.m., Saturdays, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., through Dec. 22. ”Already picked” produce available. More details »

Oilseed Production and Marketing Conference
Plan now to attend the only conference in the Pacific Northwest addressing dryland and irrigated oilseed agronomy, processing, economics, marketing and end use. “Golden Opportunities” is the theme this year, representing the many benefits that oilseed crops can provide, including increased wheat yield in a cereal rotation, better weed management, steady local market demand, crop diversity, and quality livestock meal and forage.
Dates: Jan. 22-23.
Conference website:


Drs. Joan Ellis and Karen Leonas were awarded a grant from Cotton Incorporated for $26,543.00 through their 2013 Cotton Student Sponsorship Program. The purpose of the project is to increase students’ awareness and understanding of cotton fiber and cotton textiles through a series of seminars on topics about cotton and sustainability to be held on the Pullman campus. Students will also visit Cotton Incorporated headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. The visit to Cotton Incorporated headquarters provides students the opportunity to see the testing, production and processing of cotton textiles Students will also interact with researchers and learn more about the support and resources that Cotton Incorporated can offer as they prepare for careers in the textile and apparel industry.

Anthony Melo, undergraduate Apparel Design major, won the Student Bookstore Competition T-Shirt Design Contest. His “Air Cougar” t-shirt design will be printed on about 600 shirts and will be handed out at half-time during the basketball game against Arizona on February 2.

The undergraduate winners of the student poster contest at the CSANR twenty-year celebration are Laurel Graves, for her entry “Soil Nitrogen Loss in Windblown dust on the Columbia Plateau” and Raymond Kinney for “Breeding Spelt (Triticum aestivum spp. Spelta) for improved Yield and Threshability in Organic Systems.”  Graduate student winners were Hannah Walters for “Irrigation and Intercropping with Quinoa (Chenopodium album) in the Palouse” and Eliane Bodah & Brian Bodah for “Sustainable Agriculture Development in an Indigenous Community of the Amazon Rainforest.” Each poster award was accompanied with a $500 scholarship.

Soil Science graduate student Cornelius Adewale was elected as the new student representative on the Board of Directors for the Tilth Producers of Washington. His adviser is Lynne Carpenter-Boggs.

School of the Environment student Amy Segovia won an ExxonMobile Geoscience grant of $7,500 for her project “Evidence for volatile recycling at continental boundaries: A geochemical analysis of melt inclusions from the 1886 eruption of Mt. Tarawera, New Zealand.” Amy is one of only two Master’s students in the US to receive this award.

As part of the Shop Pullman First holiday promotion, three teams of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles students from the 208 Visual Merchandising and Promotion class taught by Dr. Carol Salusso received Certificates of Achievement from the Pullman Chamber of Commerce. Customers at ten participating merchants offered critiques to help select winning teams.  Recipients are:

  • 1st place, Shelby Kostelecky and McKenzie Johnson, mentored by Melanie Hodges, Lily Bees Consignment Shop;
  • 2nd place, Caley Allen and Annee Conzatti, mentored by Kate Sullivan, Crimson & Gray; and
  • 3rd place, Abbie Galusha and Kelli Smith, mentored by Leslie O’Dell, At Home Designs: Framing it up.

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