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CAHNRS News – April 20, 2012

Posted by | April 20, 2012

From Dean Bernardo:

Thank you and congratulations on having a poster(s) included in this year’s Academic Showcase Poster Session. This poster session is a great way to communicate to the rest of our university colleagues the fine and diverse work that is being done in CAHNRS and WSU Extension. CAHNRS and WSU Extension were identified as the lead college on 98 of the 300 posters presented at this year’s Showcase. This was a great showing, and it was noticed by many of the faculty and administrators who attended the event. It was great to see many of you at the session. I was particularly impressed with the diversity of our posters, ranging from “Advanced Proteome Analysis of Arogenate Dehydratase Knockout Mutants” to “Assessing the Clothing Needs of Adolescent Girls.”

The department chairs were made aware a couple of months ago of a little contest to encourage participation. The department with the most posters (scaled to account for faculty size) was to receive a prize at a future faculty meeting. The contest ended in a dead heat, with both Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and Plant Pathology coming in at 1.00 posters per faculty FTE. A special congratulations to each of those units.

Downtown on Display

Students in the Visual Merchandising course in the Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textile department worked with professionals from different locations around Pullman to create visual displays that were effective in showcasing each store’s merchandise. The displays created by these students can be seen in eight different locations around Pullman: Lilybee’s, Design Effects, Sugar Britches, Wrinkle in Time, Flirt, Prune Orchard, Sam Dial and in the AMDT department.


Cherry Field Day will be held this year on Monday, June 4, 2012. This will be an afternoon program starting with lunch at WSU Prosser IAREC, followed by a tour of the WSU Roza experimental orchards, and concluding with a few collaborative grower orchard stops. More details to follow.

Crop Seminars

Ajay Olutoyosi, Graduate Student, MS Crop Science, WSU, “‘Rhizoctonia Root Rot: Potential Sources of Resistance in Mutant and Wild Barley,” Monday, April 23 at 3:10 p.m. in Johnson Hall 204, Pullman, and broadcast via AMS to Mt. Vernon, Prosser and Puyallup stations.

Attawan Aramrak, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science, WSU, “2,4-D: New Insights into an Old Mode of Action,” Monday, April 30 at 3:10 p.m. in Johnson Hall 204, Pullman, and broadcast via AMS to Mt. Vernon, Prosser and Puyallup stations.

For the full Spring 2012 Crop Seminar Series, see

Soil Seminars

Michael Grant, Soils PhD Graduate student; “Biofilm Mediated Chemical Weathering of Biotite in a Drip Flow Reactor” and John Dickson, Soils PhD Graduate student; “The Migration and Transformation of Technetium (Tc-99) in Contaminated Vadose Zone Sediment,” Monday, April 23 at 1:10 p.m. in Johnson Hall 204 and broadcast via AMS to Mt. Vernon, Prosser, Puyallup and Wenatchee stations.

For the full Spring 2012 Soil Seminar Series, see

Plant Pathology Seminars

Hui Yan, Ph.D. Student, “Spatial analysis of hop powdery mildew in the Pacific Northwest,” Monday, April 23, 4:10 p.m. in Johnson Hall 343, and AMS dial-up #:5776624.

Jeremiah Dung, Ph.D. Student, “Genotypic diversity and epidemiology of Verticillium dahliae populations impacting mint and potato,” Wednesday, April 25, 4:10 p.m. in Johnson Hall 343, and AMS dial-up #:5776624.

For the full Spring 2012 Plant Pathology Seminar series, see


Gena McKahan, student in Food Science, received a Novice Award in the Applied Sciences Category during WSU’s 2012 Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities. The title of her presentation was Development of Functional Food Products Made with Grape Pomace Flour. Gena worked with faculty mentor Carolyn F. Ross and lab assistant Beata Vixie.

David Hewitt (senior – Landscape Architecture) and Brianna Martensen (junior – Interior Design) presented the project Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute Playscape at the Research Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities and received the Novice Award in Arts & Design. Kathleen Ryan of Interior Design was their faculty mentor. This service project involved student clubs from Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Architecture, Construction Management and Kinesiology.

Charles Coslor, M.S. student in entomology, won first place in the Master’s Division at the Pacific Branch Entomology Society of America meeting for his poster “Curative Activity of Neonicotinoids on Spotted Wing Drosophila in Blueberry”. View the poster at

Karen Hills, Ph.D. student in the wheat program, was awarded a $1000 scholarship from the Roscoe and Frances Cox Scholarship Fund. Her research is focused on improving wheat production in western Washington through 1) looking at the effectiveness of late spring topdressing with organic fertilizer to increase protein in hard winter wheat and 2) surveying commercial bakers in western Washington to determine their level of interest in sourcing regionally produced (west of the Cascades) wheat and flour.

Caitlin Price, Ph.D. student in the wheat program, received the Alexander Smick Scholarship for Rural Community Service and Development. Caitlin’s project is focused on the agricultural use of locally produced biosolids compost in Skagit County. She will examine community knowledge and attitudes through a county-wide mail survey; use on-site trials to study the fate of antibiotics in biosolids compost; and establish field trials to determine the long-term effects of biosolids compost on soil and crop quality.

Ziduan (Paul) Han, M.S. student in the small fruit horticulture program, earned a $2000 scholarship from WSU’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. His research concentrates on root lesion nematode control in red raspberry.

Emily Gatch, Ph.D. student in the vegetable seed pathology program, has been awarded the 2012 Maguire International Seed Technology Fellowship from WSU. Emily’s research project focuses on fusarium wilt management in an effort to enhance the viability of spinach seed production in the U.S.

Senior AMDT Designers – Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show
The Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles department would like to congratulate the senior Designers whose garments were displayed on the runway for the 29th Annual Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show on April 13, 2012! Special distinction goes to the five outstanding seniors who received awards for their exceptional designs.

  • Kaley Porter – Innovative Materials in Design of a single piece,
  • Devon Langendoerfer – Outstanding Workmanship on a Single Piece,
  • Bailey Sheldon – Judges’ Choice Award,
  • Carlie Bailes – Mollie Pepper Outstanding Designer Best of Show, and
  • Casey Burnette – Mollie Pepper Outstanding Designer Best of Show.

Both Mollie Pepper Outstanding Designer Best of Show Award recipients, Carlie Bailes and Casey Burnette, received a dress form donated by PGM. The AMDT department would like to thank PGM for their sponsorship of the Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show.

2011-2012 CAHNR Faculty, Staff, and Students Award Recipients:

Faculty & Staff Award Recipients 2011-2012
R.M. Wade Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award: Mark Swanson – School of the Environment
Excellence in Advising Award: Karla Makus – School of Economic Sciences
Excellence in Extension Award: Aaron Esser – Adams County Extension
Excellence in Research Award: Barbara Rasco – School of Food Science
Individual Integrated Award: Laura Hill – Human Development
Early Career Excellence Award: Matthew Whiting – Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Team Interdisciplinary Award: Pacific Northwest Vegetable Extension, Debra Inglis, Carol Miles, Lindsey du Toit
Administrative Professional Staff Excellence Award: Danielle Engelhardt – School of Economic Sciences
Administrative Professional Technical Staff Excellence Award: Thomas Cummings – Plant Pathology
Classified Technical Staff Excellence Award: Bruce Sauer – Crop & Soil Sciences?

Student Award Recipients 2011-2012
Aggie of the Year Award: Abigail Olson – Animal Sciences
Family and Consumer Scientist of the Year Award: Cindy Ola – Human Development
Outstanding Junior in Agriculture Award: Tom Jensen – Integrated Plant Sciences
Outstanding Junior in Human Sciences Award: Lacey Taylor – Human Development
Outstanding Freshman of the Year Award: Janett Auh – Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles
Superior Club of the Year Award: Horticulture Club – Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Battle of the Aggies Award: Cougar Cattle Feeders – Animal Sciences

Undergraduate Research & Creative Project Poster Fair Awards 2012

Applied Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
1st place: Matthew Allan – Food Science
2nd place: Eric Walker & Eugenia Lo – Animal Sciences

Basic Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
1st place: Brooke Compton – Animal Sciences
2nd place: Jake Wavrin – Crop and Soil Sciences

Design Discipline
1st place: Beth Ross – Interior Design

Human Sciences
1st place: Lauryn Ringwood – Economic Sciences
2nd place: Alexa Carr – Human Development

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