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CAHNRS Faculty Feature: Hang Liu

Posted by | July 26, 2016

We asked several CAHNRS Ambassadors, excellent students who love WSU and their college, to name their favorite professors. And now we’re featuring those nominated educators in this weekly series.

AMDT Assistant Professor Hang Liu
Hang Liu

Today we’re showcasing Hang Liu, assistant professor in Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles. Here are her answers to a few questions:

How did you pick this as a career?

It just came naturally for me to pick being a professor as my career. My friends always say that it would be a surprise if I did not become a professor. I love doing research to satisfy my curiosity and teaching to pass my knowledge along to students.

What is your favorite thing about teaching college students?

I teach textiles, a subject that most students (or most people) tie it to clothing only. My favorite thing about teaching is to open my students’ eyes/mind up and wow them with how broad and how important the role of textiles play in the world.  

Why do you love what you do?

For teaching, it is very rewarding when students tell me how interesting my class is and how much they’ve learned from me.

If you could provide any tips or advice for your students, or WSU students in general, what would they be?

In college students receive a vast amount of information of the field of their study and the world is changing rapidly. So being open minded and being receptive is very important. Do not frame yourself in what you think you like and what you think you will be.

Any other words of wisdom you’d like to pass along?

Study hard, work hard, and play hard! (Remember study hard is in first place.)