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CAHNRS Coug Represents WSU at Commodity Classic

Posted by scott.weybright | March 12, 2018

By Maya Wahl, CAHNRS Academic Programs

Spring semester is well under way. With spring comes scholarships. It’s the time of the year when students double down on school work and scholarship applications. They’re competing for dollars that will not only help pay for their education, but allow them to focus on their academics and alleviate some of the stress that comes with paying for school.

Kayla Beechinor and a BASF employee stand together holding a plaque saying congratulations for winning the Jerry Minore Scholarship.
WSU sophomore Kayla Beechinor receives the Jerry Minore Memorial Scholarship at the 2018 Commodity Classic.

CAHNRS offers students over $700,000 a year in scholarships. CAHNRS Cougs are given the opportunity to earn scholarships through our college. Many students look outside of the university to find scholarships and grants that make their educational dreams a reality.

One of these students is Kayla Beechinor, a sophomore double majoring in Agricultural Biotechnology and Field Crop Management. Kayla recently traveled to Anaheim, California to accept the Jerry Minore Memorial Scholarship, a national award in memory of Jerry Minore, a past BASF employee and strong advocate for the wheat industry.

The scholarship is provided by the National Wheat Foundation in partnership with BASF. Not only did Kayla receive the scholarship but BASF also sponsored her to attend the 2018 Commodity Classic, America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show.

There is an overwhelming amount of support within the agricultural industry and students like Kayla prove that the future of agriculture is in capable hands.

“I enjoyed being able to receive the scholarship during the Commodity Classic at a presentation put on by BASF,” Kayla said. “It was great having my family there to support me and to have BASF and the National Association of Wheat Growers supporting my education in agriculture.”

Kayla represents the best students that CAHNRS has to offer and works extremely hard in and out of the classroom to build her professional portfolio and enhance her learning experience. She has taken numerous opportunities to expand her horizons and build upon the skills that she is learning at WSU.

“CAHNRS has given me multiple opportunities which have helped support my degree and future career,” Kayla said. “They have given me opportunities like attending the Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference and working in the Spring Wheat Breeding Lab.”

CAHNRS is proud to have outstanding students like Kayla representing our college on campus and across the country. She and so many others hold a passion for agriculture in their hearts and will work to carry on the legacy of CAHNRS long after they leave WSU.