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CAHNRS Coug Connections: Maya Wahl

Posted by Scott Weybright | January 24, 2018

Each week, we showcase one of our CAHNRS Ambassadors, a student leadership organization that encourages students to pursue higher education and serves as a liaison between the college and the greater community. This week, we’re featuring Maya Wahl, a junior from Lind, Wash.

Formal portrait picture of Maya Wahl
Maya Wahl

What are you studying?

I’m majoring in Agricultural Education.

Why did you choose WSU?

After spending my freshman year at Kansas State University, I decided to come home to Washington. I grew up loving WSU and found myself returning to Pullman the next fall to pursue a future in Agricultural Education. I wanted to be closer to my family and friends and I knew WSU was the right place for me.

What is special about being a CAHNRS Coug?

I have met so many unique people through CAHNRS, people who have completely different stories than I do yet we all have one thing in common and it’s CAHNRS. I’ve learned more from these people than I would ever learn from a textbook which I why I find this experience so valuable.

What is your favorite CAHNRS class so far and why?

AGTM 201. I took this class my first semester I came to WSU. I had never taken a shop class before and it forced me into my growth zone. I had to tackle learning how to weld and use machining in the shop. By the end of the semester I felt accomplished and confident in the skills I had obtained. This is just one example of the opportunities for hands-on learning offered in CAHNRS.

Who are influential professors that you’ve had, and how did they impact your life?

Denise Yost was incredibly kind and I loved to watch her facilitation methods in class, which I will use in my future classroom.

JD Baser; as an Agricultural Education Student he has always been there for me and I hope to be as good of a teacher as he is one day.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in besides ambassadors?

Agricultural Education Club, Agriculture Future of America, and Professional Development Club

What is a fun fact about you?

I am the fifth generation on a dryland small grains farm and own a business that markets these grains to brewers and distillers to make beers and whiskeys.

What advice would you give an incoming freshman/high school senior to help them adjust to college?

Never say no. Go to the ice cream social or the fun activity your RA planned for your floor. You never know who you will meet and where they will take you.

Favorite item/flavor at Ferdinand’s?

Tin Lizzy and Cougar Gold!