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Bright Futures for Emerging Undergraduates in Agricultural and Human Sciences

Posted by | April 14, 2017
By Maya Wahl, CAHNRS Academic Programs

The College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) provides numerous opportunities for students and fosters the growth of outstanding young leaders. Sophomores, Macy Hagler of Kuna, Idaho, and Paige Campbell of Spokane, Wash., are two remarkable examples. The young women are proving their dedication to academics, their communities, and to Washington State University.

Macy Hagler accepts her Emerging Undergraduate Leader award from Dean Mittelhammer at CAHNRS Honors 2017.

Recognized as the 2016-17 Emerging Undergraduate Leader in Agricultural Sciences, Macy Hagler, reveals her passion for agriculture time and time again through her work within and outside of CAHNRS. To receive this prestigious award, students must demonstrate their ability to balance academics, leadership, and activities. Macy has done just that.

When she is not working to obtain her bachelor’s in Agricultural and Food Systems, with a major in Agriculture and Food Security and minors in Spanish and Business Administration, she stays involved as the CAHNRS Senate Chair, serves as a CAHNRS Ambassador, and is an active member of the WSU Ski Team. Her ability to unite students from all corners of the college is showcased as she also promotes the national organization, Agriculture Future of America.

She says that her older sister, a former CAHNRS Coug, has had a great impact Macy’s efforts to be involved on campus. Coming to WSU allowed her to meet new people and try new things, which has ultimately led to her finding her place in CAHNRS. Macy says that her favorite part of being a CAHNRS Coug is the diverse family that became her support group in Pullman, a home away from her home in southern Idaho.

“CAHNRS is extremely hands-on,” Macy said. “Opportunities outside of the classroom are important for students to develop leadership skills.”

She plans to use these hands-on opportunities to support her career as a crop consultant after she graduates in 2019. Macy hopes to gain more experiences with plant agriculture and to one day go global. Her time in Ecuador on a faculty led trip headed by Dr. Kevin Murphy last year inspired her to help producers in developing countries. Not only did she receive agroecology class credits but also gained a unique, global perspective on agriculture that will serve as a stepping stone to her career.

Paige Campbell, a sophomore studying Economics and Political Science, is the recipient of the Emerging Undergraduate Leader in Human Sciences award for 2016-17. Paige’s extensive résumé outlines the accomplishments of a well-rounded young scholar.

Paige Campbell received the Emerging Undergraduate Leader in Human Sciences award for 2016-17.

She is currently working as the student lobbyist for ASWSU in Olympia, serving her fellow Cougs from the Capitol as the Director of Legislative Affairs. She is proud to say that she is working to put all seventeen recommendations from the Council of Presidents task force on sexual assault prevention on college campuses. She is also heavily involved on campus through a variety of organizations including ASWSU, the Academic Integrity Board, and the “It’s On Cougs” campaign.

Paige is a third generation CAHNRS Coug and will leave a lasting legacy for her family. She described CAHNRS as a tight-knit community. The staff, faculty and fellow students of CAHNRS are always willing to lend a helping hand. Paige attributes much of her inspiration to her grandfather, a CAHNRS Coug alum, and to her friend, Hayley Hohlman. Hayley, a WSU graduate, who have continually encouraged her to pursue big dreams and always look for new ways to help WSU students. Paige hopes to do just that for future Cougars.

“I am most passionate about the policy that impacts daily life,” she said.

Paige is chasing that passion with her work through WSU and beyond. Post-graduation she said she plans to earn a law degree and a Ph.D. in economics, to work within public policy, fighting “to ensure that people can live the American dream.”