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WSU Survey: Seattle Business Execs Say Economic Picture Still Mixed, Uncertain

PULLMAN, Wash. – While some aspects of the Seattle economy are improving, others are getting more difficult, leaving the overall economic picture mixed and uncertain, according to Seattle business executives surveyed by Washington State University.

In the latest in a series of surveys conducted by the WSU School of Economic Sciences IMPACT Center and the Seattle Business Executives Association, executives surveyed said that although their number of employees increased, financing for capital expenditures continues to be difficult for some establishments. That, according to WSU economist Andrew Cassey, means that initiatives to update equipment or expand facilities may be more difficult as well.

“The increased difficulty of financing investment in capital is concerning because, typically, trends in investment lead trends in the overall economy,” Cassey said.

Uncertainty about the economy continued to be the No. 1 concern of those surveyed, followed by health care expenses, domestic competition and government regulation.

In a separate line of questions, a majority of those surveyed said the slow, controlled appreciation of the Chinese currency would slightly increase economic activity in the Seattle area as would aspects of the National Export Initiative.


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Andrew Cassey, WSU School of Economic Sciences, 509-335-5556