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WSU Promotes Energy Efficiency in Manufactured Homes

PUYALLUP, Wash. — The Washington State University Energy Program is helping manufactured home retailers market energy-efficient Super Good Cents and Natural Choice manufactured homes. Super Good Cents homes are electrically heated and Natural Choice homes are heated with natural gas.

These manufactured homes are certified by WSU Energy staff to be the best built, most energy efficient homes available in the Northwest. WSU provides a 1-2 hour energy-efficient-home construction training session at the retail sales offices. The training helps sales staff sell the advantages of Super Good Cents and Natural Choice homes to consumers, such as; lower utility bills, greater comfort, better resale value, improved indoor ventilation systems and indoor air quality.

“We want those interested in buying a home to know that Super Good Cents and Natural Choice manufactured homes are the only homes that are third party inspected and certified as energy efficient,” says Michael Lubliner, WSU manufactured housing specialist and program manager. “We also want them to know that they can work with a home retailer who is competent to help them build the best manufactured homes possible.”

WSU Energy Program operates the Super Good Cents and Natural Choice program in Washington, working with the other regional state energy offices. The program is funded by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, the Northwest Gas Association and the 24 participating manufactured housing plants. The Washington State Manufactured Housing Association’s Northwest Pride marketing program provides direct mailers and TV advertising that promotes Super Good Cents and Natural Choice manufactured housing to interested home buyers. Watch for the Super Good Cents and Natural Choice TV spots at the seventh inning stretch of most Mariner games!

For more information, contact Andrew Gordon, WSU Energy Program (360) 956-2046, or Washington Manufactured Housing Association 1-800-OWNER.

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