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Scientist honored for discoveries battling obesity, improving animal health

Min Du standing in laboratory
Helping address the worldwide epidemic of obesity, Min Du, professor at WSU’s Department of Animal Sciences, will be honored this summer with the American Society of Animal Science’s Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award (WSU Photo-Seth Truscott).

Honored for his discoveries improving animal and human health, Min Du, professor and Endowed Chair in Growth Biology with Washington State University’s Department of Animal Sciences, is the newest recipient of the Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award from the American Society of Animal Science.

Fostering research excellence

Connecting more than 7,000 students, animal scientists, allied industry and producers around the world, the American Society of Animal Science fosters the discovery, sharing and application of scientific knowledge for responsible use of animals to enhance human life and well-being.

The society’s Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award recognizes and spurs research excellence in physiology and endocrinology involving large and small animals, and is sponsored by the James W. Lauderdale Appreciation Club.

Life-changing discovery

Part of WSU’s Animal Sciences faculty since 2011, Du helps address the worldwide epidemic of obesity and its attendant health problems, exploring the role of genes, maternal obesity, nutrition and other physiological conditions on early development, obesity and health. This new knowledge can help curb the cycle between maternal and children obesity, the effects of gestational diabetes on children, and solve other health problems.

Du and his team also study the impact of early nutrition on growth and development of muscle and fat in beef cattle and other livestock, with the goal of improving animal production efficiency and meat quality.

Du earned his bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang University, his master’s degree from China Agricultural University and doctorate from Iowa State University. After postdoctoral training at the University of Alberta, he was an assistant and later associate professor at the University of Wyoming. In 2011, he moved to Washington State University as a professor and Endowed Chair.

Du will receive his award at the society’s annual meeting, July 8-11, 2019, in Austin, Texas.

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