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Grant County Hay King Contest Winners

L-R: Bob, Anne, Cara, and Erin Wieldraayer.
L-R: Bob, Anne, Cara, and Erin Wieldraayer. Click image for a high resolution version.

The 2008 Grant County Hay King is Klompen Farms. Bob Wieldraayer of Klompen Farms entered the winning hay entry. The Hay King is awarded to the entry with the highest score among the Dairy, Export and Feed Store Classes of alfalfa. Both visual and laboratory quality analysis are used to evaluate the alfalfa quality. Pictured are Bob, Anne, Cara, and Erin Wieldraayer.

Individual class winners were: Diary Alfalfa-Rob Mensonides of Moses Lake, Export Alfalfa-Klompen Farms of Royal City, Feed Store-Klompen Farms of Royal City, Domestic Grass-Dave Kosa of Soap Lake, Export Timothy-Dan Herring of Quincy, and Grass/Legume Mix-Gerald Lankhaar of Quincy.

Cooperating agencies were Washington State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Grant and Adams Counties.