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Dealing with Things that Go ‘Bzzz’ in the Night and Other Home and Garden Invaders

EVERETT, Wash. – There’s nothing more frustrating than opening up a box of clothing only to have a bevy of moths come fluttering forth, leaving behind a nest of destruction. How did they get in there and how can you keep them from coming back? This month’s edition of the popular Washington State University Snohomish County Extension Bugs and Blights series will focus on home invaders such as flies, wasps and leaf-footed bugs as well as the bugs often found in our foods and fabrics this time of year.

The class will be offered at three different times on Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. All classes will be in the Cougar Auditorium at the WSU Snohomish County Extension office, 600 128th Street S.E. in Everett.

The field trip portion of the class will look at landscape fungi such as Douglas fir root rot. The October session will also cover the difference between apple maggot and apple codling moth as well as the most current methods of control. As usual, attendees are encouraged to bring samples and problems for identification and discussion, and a camera to help build a pictorial library of bugs and blights.

Sharon Collman and Dave Pehling will be the instructors of this month’s course.

Collman leads the Snohomish County Extension horticulture education program, including assistance to Master Gardeners and garden writers, as well as production, marketing and pest management to the nursery and landscape industries in Snohomish County.

Pehling has been studying and teaching about insects for WSU Snohomish County Extension since 1978 with special interests in beekeeping, insect pest management, and pollinators.

Cost is $20 per person or a series of four classes for $65. To register call (425) 338-2400, e-mail or download the form at and mail it with your check.

Washington State Department of Agriculture pesticide recertification credits as well as Washington State Nursery and Landscaping Association Certified Professional Horticulturist credits are available.

For more information, contact Sharon Collman,, (425) 357-6025.


Media Contacts

Sharon Collman, WSU Snohomish County Extension Entomologist, 425-357-6025