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Calf Scours Phone Conference January 29

Davenport, Wash. – Dr. Dale Moore, Washington State University’s director of Veterinary Extension, will give ranchers pointers on managing calving herds to prevent scours and discuss the Sandhills Calving System during a telephone conference with ranchers from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 29.

The Sandhills Calving System was developed in Nebraska to counter serious calf scours losses in that area.

The conference call is the first in the lunch-time Beef Information Series scheduled in January and February.

“Despite good vaccines, scours remains one of the leading causes of calf loss in beef herds,” said Tom Platt, WSU Lincoln County area extension educator.

“With muddy calving pens and tight quarters, calves are exposed to such a high level of intestinal pathogens that any immunity to scours they receive from their mother’s colostrum is overwhelmed. Although good immunity is important, management of calving pens and lots is critical to reducing calves’ exposure to pathogens that cause scours.”

Ranchers can participate in this conference from home by calling WSU’s telephone conferencing center in Pullman at (509) 335-4700. Advance registration is encouraged because the number of connections to WSU’s telephone conferencing system is limited. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Registration fee for the series is $5.

Call WSU Extension in Davenport at (509) 725-4171 for more information or to register or download a registration flier at

Other topics scheduled for the series are Feeding Corn Processing and Ethanol Co-products on the Ranch on Feb. 6, Understanding the Relationship between Wholesale Meat Prices and Slaughter Cattle Prices on Feb. 11, Carbon Farming to add Value to the Ranch on Feb. 17, and Washington’s BVD Control and Eradication Project on Feb. 25.

WSU Extension programs are offered without discrimination. For accommodation of special needs, contact Tom Platt at (509) 725-4171.


Media Contacts

Tom Platt, Area Extension Educator WSU Lincoln County Extension, 509-725-4171