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2009 Beef Management Calendar Now Available from WSU Extension

PULLMAN, Wash. – WSU Extension has published the 2009 Beef Management Calendar. The calendar is available for free in a digital format or in printed form for $5 from WSU Extension Publications. The calendar has been developed to assist livestock managers in formulating an overall management plan for beef operations.

The calendar is two tools in one. First, it may be utilized to schedule various management practices and farm-related activities. It provides timely management recommendations month to month for both spring and fall calving herds in the areas of nutrition, animal health, reproduction, marketing, pasture and range management, and business or farm management. The other tool is as a record keeper for calving and breeding that ultimately may be used to aid in verification for mandatory country origin of labeling requirements and age-verification programs.

The calendar also features a section that explains age and source-verification programs, and the new mandatory country origin of labeling law (mCOOL). It is available online at (item number misc0396). Through the same Web site, a printed and bound version with color cover may be ordered for $5.