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Apparel student earns skills, confidence in Big Apple

Posted by | August 23, 2016

Experiencing vibrant New York City, Emily Wang earned new skills and confidence at menswear developer Thomas Dean Co. this summer.

“Interning at Thomas Dean has been such an enriching experience, especially when I get to learn from the brand’s creative director, Simone Tobias. She has been a mentor, allowing me to explore a variety of assignments. On challenging tasks like graphic work, she walked me through the process and taught me necessary skills.”

WSU AMDT intern Emily Wang works at Thomas Dean Co. in New York in the summer of 2016.
WSU AMDT intern Emily Wang works at Thomas Dean Co. in New York in the summer of 2016.

The city itself became a classroom for Wang, too.

“When it comes to fashion, New York is the best city to learn about the industry,” said Wang. “You’re able to immerse yourself in an environment with a large group of people and businesses that are just as enthusiastic as you are.”

Though a fashion student, Wang learned there was more to her experience than fashion.

“In New York, you get a very diverse cultural experience, whether it’s through food, entertainment, or a stroll through the neighborhood. There’s so much happening around you. Once, the LGBT parade marched past my residence at Washington Square Park. It was really cool to see how massive and excited the crowd was.”

Wang’s biggest lesson was about limits; she’s decided there are none.

“Living in New York has taught me how many opportunities are out there for fashion students,” she said.“While it may sound cliché, as long as you are enthusiastic, hardworking and persistent, there’s something for everyone.”