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Posted by | January 11, 2016

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Toasting WSU Viticulture & Enology donors and newsmakers!

Viticulture facility improvements in Prosser

Viticulture research will be strengthened in 2016 thanks to recent upgrades to facilities in Prosser. Four new walk-in growth chambers and a new laser microscopy facility are some of the improvements that were completed at WSU viticulture research facilities in Prosser in 2015. “We now have the modern facilities to carry out the work we intend to do,” said Markus Keller, who oversaw the facility improvements. “That’s a huge plus in terms of being able to successful apply for federal grants.” Nearly $2.8 million was allocated by the Washington State legislature in 2013 for the upgrades, which include the addition of a pesticide application lab as well as new offices, meeting rooms, and a gathering space for graduate students. A new state of the art laser microdissection microscope enables tissue dissection at the cellular level. Walk-in growth chambers that control temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration will allow scientists to conduct climate change research. And a cold hardiness lab for viticulture can also be used for other perennial crops including blueberries, cherries and apples.

The Science of Grapevines Second Edition

Students and growers can benefit from the new revised edition of “The Science of Grapevines: Anatomy and Physiology” by Markus Keller, WSU’s Chateau Ste. Michelle Distinguished Professor in Viticulture. “Written by a recognized expert, and based on his experience in teaching the subject to students with a variety of educational backgrounds, The Science of Grapevines: Anatomy and Physiology is the only book to comprehensively explore the physiology of the grapevine as it occurs around the world.” – editorial review.

The second edition is updated with chapter summaries, two separate chapters on biotic and abiotic stress and physiology, and a number of new references. A list of abbreviations and a glossary of terms have been added to help those who are new to the field. The first edition published in 2010 won an award from the International Organization of Vine and Wine. The new edition is published by Academic Press.

Recently published research

Title: Reputation tapping
Authors: Rickard, Bradley J.; McCluskey, Jill J.; Patterson, Richard W.
Source: EUROPEAN REVIEW OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS, 42 (4):675-701; 10.1093/erae/jbv003 SEP 2015

Title: Effect of Early Fruit-Zone Leaf Removal on Canopy Development and Fruit Quality in Riesling and Sauvignon blanc
Authors: Komm, Brittany L.; Moyer, Michelle M.
Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ENOLOGY AND VITICULTURE, 66 (4):424-434; 10.5344/ajev.2015.15007 NOV 2015

Title: Grape Berry Transpiration Is Determined by Vapor Pressure Deficit, Cuticular Conductance, and Berry Size
Authors: Zhang, Yun; Keller, Markus
Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ENOLOGY AND VITICULTURE, 66 (4):454-462; 10.5344/ajev.2015.15038 NOV 2015

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