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2010-11 CAHNRS Undergraduate Research Awards Announced

Posted by struscott | November 15, 2010

Congratulations to the following undergraduate researchers and their faculty menotrs on their CAHNRS undergraduate research awards.

  • “Willingness to Pay for Organically Produced and Functional Food Products” – Rini Mukhopadhyay; Vicki A. McCracken
  • “Characterization of the impact of enterobacter cloacae on onion plants and confirmation of the movement dynamics of E. cloacae in plants” – Ryan Liesche; Brenda K. Schroeder
  • “Expression Patterns of the Genes ADT4 and ADT5 in Arabidopsis thalina” – Sarah Brewer; Norman G. Lewis
  • “Using Electro-Conductive Technology Along with Global Positioning Systems to Further Understand and Manage the Irrigation on the Palouse Ridge Golf Course” – Brady A. Stover, Trevor Smith, Dakota Childers, and Shaun Rose; James Durfey
  • “Coarse woody material, litter, and duff characteristics in an old-growth Sierran mixed-conifer forest (Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot): correlation with overstory and topographic variables” – Randy Burke; Mark E. Swanson
  • “Reservation Status, Substance Use during Sex, and Birth Outcomes among Native American Adolescents” – Noelle Beets; Jenifer McGuire
  • “Progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1) and its role in the establishment and progression of female cancers” – Melissa Lyn McCallum; James K. Pru
  • “Enhancing Sweet Cherry Seed Germination with the Aid of Hormones” – Matthew Allan; Amit Dhingra
  • “Development of functional food products made with grape pomace flour” – Kelsie Brown; Carolyn Ross
  • “Is Restricted Rhizoctonia Growth the Mechanism of Resistance in Scarlet-Rz1?” – Kathleen E. Reed; Patricia Okubara
  • “Fife, WA: Revitalizing an Urban Community Through the Restoration of Wapato Creek and the Renovation of Community Spaces” – Kassi Lyn Rolin; Bob Scarfo
  • “Core Health Messages: Examining the Effectiveness of the Messages on Low-Income Mothers in Rural Washington” – Jocelyn Glessing; Yoshie Sano
  • “Soil Silica in the Palouse” – Haley Saam; William Pan
  • “Studies on Epidemiology of the Grapevine Leafroll Disease” – Elizabeth Lee Swanson; Naidu A. Rayapati
  • “Epidemiology of the Grapevine Leafroll Disease in Washington Vineyards” – Andrew L. Schultz; Naidu A. Rayapati
  • “An Economic Analysis of the USDA 2010 Access to Pasture Rule on Washington Organic Dairies” – Elizabeth “Libby” Hodgin; Shannon Neibergs
  • “Parents use of Psychological Control and Children’s Relational Aggression: The Potential Mediating Effect of Sympathetic Adrenomedullary Activiation” – Danielle Hurd; Jared Lisonbee
  • “Functional Divergence of the Myostatin Gene Family” – Casey Lawson; Dan Rodgers
  • “Boys Need Clothes too, Right? Development of boy’s apparel product” – Carlie Bailes; Yoo Jin Kwon
  • “Inactivation of Escherichia coli in apple juice with high pressure, pulsed electric fields, and ultrasound technologies: Microbial and nutritional quality” – Abigail Moody; Barry Swanson
  • “Manipulation of hormonal and light signaling for improvement of pear propagation” – Aaron White; Amit Dhingra

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